Message From Principal

Dear Parents & Students,

It is my immense pleasure to welcome you at Sion School. Our vision and commitment to providing an excellent education for your children so that they may become independent, self-disciplined, dynamic and responsible members of society.

At Sion School our overall aim is to provide holistic development of every child along with academic excellence. We are committed to provide equal opportunities for all our children to develop their full potential through high quality education, caring atmosphere, supportive living, creative activities and a caring environment in which high standards are set and expected. Within this we also aim to:

  • Help children acquire the knowledge, understanding and various social skills and abilities which will equip them for life and enable them to make a positive contribution to society as future citizens.
  • Inspire students to be all-time learners.
  • Provide an enjoyable, friendly and loving community.
  •  Encourage tolerance, mutual co-operation, love and respect towards all beings.
  • Uphold an understanding of the world in which we live.
  •  Move forward with the requirements of the fast changing world.
  •  Offer opportunities for professional development for all staff.

We are fortunate in having a team of extremely committed, highly qualified staff who are caring and faithful to serving the children of this school, as it continues to grown in number year by year. I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you and your family. In His, and yours service

Sanjeep Bantawa

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