Academic Information


Sion is committed to provide quality education at reasonably affordable fees. School fees are charged for the twelve months of the year. No deduction in the fees will be made due to the absence of the students. Fees paid will not be refunded. 


In order to encourage the under privileged, marginalized and deserving students within and outside the locality the school offers a wide range of scholarship programs.


 The school is governed by an efficient Governing Board composed of professional and experts who provide broad frameworks and guidelines. 


All the students are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the school by utmost sincerity. The school will take strong action against students for repeated disrespectful or violation of its rules and regulations.


The academic performances of the students are observed frequently through weekly test, unit test, class performance, extra-curricular and disciplinary activities. The academic year will have three terms. It is mandatory to obtain 45% of marks in every subject in order to be promoted to the next level.


 The school has prescribed some dress norms. All the students are strictly advised to follow the proper attire. Students must be in uniform whenever they enter into the school premises. Girls' skirt must be up-to knee length.

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